Moments Of Faith Daily Devotional 10 September 2023 By Prophet Frank Udoh

TITLE: Speak Your Dream

SCRIPTURE: “And Joseph dreamed a dream, and he told it his brethren: and they hated him yet the more.” (Genesis 37: 5)


When Joseph first had his dream, he didn’t keep it to himself; he immediately shared it with his brothers. He openly confessed his dream, vividly describing it with words. Although the dream wouldn’t be fulfilled right away, and its path to fulfillment wasn’t immediately clear, he spoke of it nonetheless. Joseph used the power of his words to propel his dream forward, breathing life into it through his spoken aspirations.

My friend, God encourages us to vocalize our dreams. Don’t remain silent about the dream that God has planted within you. Speak it out, confess it, declare it, even shout it from the rooftops, regardless of whether it might annoy your detractors or contemporaries. Remember, the tongue has the power to bring forth both life and death. Use your words to give life to your dream, to nurture it, and to advance it. Let your words serve as the ultimate advertisement for your dream.

Initially, confessing your dream might seem like a mere jest, but if you persist in speaking it, it will eventually orchestrate the fulfillment of your aspirations. To those who don’t comprehend the power of words, your dream’s confession might appear foolish, but continue speaking it until it transforms into your reality. Just as Joseph employed his tongue to support his dream, utilize your words to advocate for your own. Never speak against your dream.

Joseph’s brothers heard his dream, and as a result, they sold him into slavery. However, Joseph later recognized that, though they intended it for evil, God intended it for good. Thus, the declaration of his dream set in motion a series of events and arrangements that ultimately led to its realization. When you verbalize your dream, you’re essentially commissioning God, your fellow humans, and the forces of nature to work together to bring your dream to fruition.

Speak your dream even if your detractors dislike hearing it. By doing so, you kickstart the process of fulfillment. Speak your dream, and in due time, it will come to pass.


As I speak my dream, it will be fulfilled, in Jesus’ name!


Habakkuk 2, Numbers 14

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