Moments of faith daily devotional 15 March 2024 by Prophet Frank Udoh.

Title: Maintain Active Faith



The basis for all that happens in God’s Kingdom is faith. Therefore, it’s crucial to grow in your religion. Your faith would be necessary even for the Rapture, as not everyone will hear the trumpet sound.
The Bible states that we will be converted and that the dead will rise incorruptible “in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump” (1 Corinthians 15:52). Only those Christians who have already died in Christ and those who were living at the time will be able to hear the trumpet’s sound.

Since only those with faith would be able to hear the sound of the trumpet, nobody else will be able to. However, since you already live by faith as a Christian, you won’t bother to listen to it. You will hear it because everything in your life, including your relationship with God, depends on faith.

“By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found,” the Bible states. (Read Hebrews 11:5). Faith enraptured him. You thus have nothing to fear because of your faith in Jesus Christ; have confidence that you will hear the trumpet when it sounds.

At the Rapture, every Christian should be present. That implies that whoever doesn’t hasn’t been following the Lord and living a life of faith. Hold fast to your faith and live each day for the Master. Stroll in righteousness and love. Prioritize preparing people to enter God’s Kingdom and be ready for the Rapture.

Thank you, Father, for granting me unwavering and unshakable confidence in Jesus Christ. In Jesus’ Name, I walk in the light of your Word and my salvation, driven by a burning desire to see your righteousness reign in people’s hearts and your Kingdom spread throughout the earth. Indeed.


Hebrews 11:5–6 Because Enoch had this witness prior to his translation—that he pleased God—he was translated by faith so that he would not see death and was never found. Six However, it is impossible to please God without faith since one must have trust in the existence of God and the fact that he rewards those who seek him out assiduously.

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