Moments Of Faith Daily Devotional 26 September 2023 By Prophet Frank

TITLE: Continue the Effort

SCRIPTURE: “But Peter continued knocking: and when they had opened the door, and saw him, they were astonished.” (Acts 12: 16)


As Peter left the prison, he didn’t need to knock on any doors; he simply followed an angel, and doors opened effortlessly. However, when he reached the house where prayers were being offered for him, he had to knock. At certain transitional points, he understood the importance of making an effort.

Remember, when you encounter gates that require passage, keep knocking until they open. Some doors will open on their own through divine intervention, while others demand your persistence and determination. There are doors you may need to approach with righteous determination, even breaking them down if necessary.

Peter couldn’t free himself from prison; that was God’s work. The city’s iron gate opened by itself due to the angel’s presence. However, God left Peter to knock on the door of the praying house. If you face a gate that can be opened with your effort, make that effort.

Your responsibility is what you can do, while God takes care of what you can’t. Focus on your path, open the doors within your reach, and leave the iron gates to God. Concentrate on the results you can achieve with your abilities and the areas where heaven has empowered you.

Don’t be part of a passive generation that waits for God to open every door without effort. Keep pushing, keep pressing, and you will overcome.


I declare that I will persist until my doors swing open. I will not forsake doors I have the power to unlock, in Jesus’ name!

Isaiah 35

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