Moments Of Faith Daily Devotional 7 September 2023 By Prophet Frank Udoh

TITLE: “Divine Assistance: Unlocking Your Angelic Destiny”

SCRIPTURE: “And when Peter was come to himself, he said, Now I know of a surety, that the Lord hath sent his angel, and hath delivered me out of the hand of Herod, and from all the expectation of the people of the Jews.” (Acts 12: 11)


Upon Peter’s release from prison, as he gradually regained his senses, he came to a profound realization – he had been rescued by none other than an angel of the Lord. Although Peter was just one of the many inmates confined within the prison’s walls, divine intervention had singled him out for liberation, while others remained behind. It was crucial to note that Peter didn’t orchestrate his escape on his own; rather, he was granted his freedom through the intervention of a celestial being. In essence, Peter received angelic assistance that facilitated his departure from Herod’s prison.

My dear friend, I implore you to heed these words, for they carry a divine message: you, too, are presently the recipient of angelic aid to break free from your metaphorical Herod’s prison. You are being supported by celestial forces to transcend the constraints that your adversaries believed would confine you forever. Angelic assistance is guiding you towards claiming what rightfully belongs to you. These heavenly helpers are paving the way for your transition into a new season, propelling you forward from your current position.

In the story of Peter’s miraculous escape, a group of faithful brethren had gathered to pray fervently on his behalf. Their earnest prayers served as the catalyst that prompted an angel of the Lord to swiftly descend upon the prison, securing Peter’s release. Indeed, it was through prayer that the angel of the Lord was set into motion. As you lift your own prayers for divine intervention, beseech the Lord to dispatch angels who will fling open the formidable iron gates obstructing your path. Ask Him to send forth angels, armed and resolute, to wage war on your behalf. Call upon the Lord to send angels on specific missions designed to aid you.

There exist angels poised to announce your presence in high places, angels ready to transport you to realms beyond your solitary reach, and angels eager to etch your name into the thoughts of potential clients. There are angels waiting patiently to topple the impregnable walls obstructing your path, and angels prepared to liberate your loved ones from the confines of their own metaphorical prisons. There are even angels ready to embark on destiny-defining errands that will propel you further along your life’s journey.

Harness the power of your prayers to activate the ministry of these celestial messengers. They stand at your service, ever obedient, awaiting your commands to fulfill the will of the Almighty.


I welcome angelic assistance to advance and ascend to greater heights, in the name of Jesus!

Further Reading

Psalm 34, Hebrews 1

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