Moments Of Faith Daily Devotional 2 October 2023 By Prophet Frank Udoh

TITLE: Miracles Beyond Explanation

SCRIPTURE: “Now as soon as it was day, there was no small stir among the soldiers, what was become of Peter.” (Acts 12: 18)

In the morning, following Peter’s miraculous release from prison by an angel of the Lord, a profound sense of confusion enveloped the jail. No one could fathom the means by which Peter had made his escape, as no witnesses were present to account for it. It remained a bewildering event, for Peter had vanished from his confinement, despite being securely bound by chains between two guards. The prison keepers were left in astonishment, confronted by an inexplicable miracle.

Dear friend, heed my words as I have heard from the Lord: you are on the verge of experiencing a miracle that defies explanation. You are about to receive a blessing that others will struggle to comprehend. You are breaking free from limitations that no one anticipated you could overcome. You are emerging from every snare that was intended to hold you back. You are stepping into new territories that will confound those who have been striving for the same.

Listen closely, for as I have heard from the Lord: your upcoming miracle will create a stir among many. People will marvel at how you evaded the traps set in your path. They will wonder how you were healed from an ailment that seemed life-threatening. They will question how you transitioned from having no opportunities to having them pursue you relentlessly. They will be astounded by the simultaneous opening of doors and gates in your life.

Observe that Peter’s miracle had already transpired; he had arrived at the place where he was being prayed for, and he had escaped fully before the soldiers even realized. Your miracle, as I have heard from the Lord, will be completed before your detractors become aware. You will hold the evidence of your breakthrough before they discover you have broken free.

Prepare yourself to receive a miracle that will leave your critics in awe and your mockers in embarrassment. Brace yourself for a blessing that may even leave you in awe, struggling to comprehend its magnitude.

In Jesus’ name, I embrace that miracle which will leave even my adversaries unable to provide an explanation!

Psalm 65

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